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Pineapple by the Sea

Why The  Pineapple?

You might have
heard that we pass out
pineapples in our middle school community. This serves a few purposes:

1) Pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. We seek to give one to people visiting us for the first time. We want to create a culture and heart of hospitality in middle school students.


2) We tell the middle school students that when we think of God creating the pineapple, we see Him creating a sweet fruit and wanting to add something to it. So BAM! He added some celebration to the top of it. So the pineapple becomes

a symbol of the sweet love of Jesus worth celebrating!


3) The pineapple's crown on top serves as a reminder of Jesus' kingship and authority.


4) We pass out pineapples almost every Sunday to a class outside of Middle School and to middle school students within. This is to teach us that we do not just show love to those that are like us, but also to those who are in different age groups. We give them to within to teach that we are called to love our peers also.


5) Giving pineapples becomes a tangible representation of the deeper spiritual truths, illustrating how Jesus can transform our lives from within and be the ultimate source of sweetness and strength.

lots of pineapple
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