I believe that families that serve together, grow together.  And if you seek after God on what He wants you to do as a  family to be the light of Jesus in your community.

He will give you direction. 


During our family potluck dinner (3rd Wednesday of each month) we will give families an opportunity to share what service project they did together, how they grew together, and in what it looked like to see and share the light of Jesus.

Families can grow together in the Greenhouse

Family Challenge

The idea of the Family Challenge is to give encouragement to families to take some time to intentionally hang out, work on something, or pray/worship to GOD together. 


So, once a month, Find a way to help someone in need in neighborhood, school, community or church.  Examples could be visiting residents at a nursing home, asking a business if you could paint a wall together,  planting some trees together,  working at a soup kitchen together, or, it could be seeking out an elderly person to do some home repair or yard work for.  You could host one of the progressive dinner stops that we will have throughout the year. You could host a worship night at your house. We might even provide you a musician if you need one. You could start prayer walking on your street or around a school together. Talk about it as a family. 


We hope to feed the momentum of growth emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in each of our middle school families.